Field Setup

Ultimate Goal Game 2020-2021

Field Reset Guide

The Field Resetter is responsible for quickly and correctly restoring the playing field back to the original pre-match setup so that the new match can begin. This diagram shows what the pre-game setup looks like so that you can successfully reset the field for the next match. There are 20 Alliance neutral Rings; 10 Rings are placed in each Alliance area, and there are 4 Alliance Specific Wobble Goals (2 per Alliance).

1. Collect all of the Rings from the Playing Field, Human Player Station, and Tower Goals. (1. a) Place 4 Rings on each Alliance’s Starter Stack Area. (1. b) Place the remaining Rings outside of the Plating Field adjacent to each Start Line. There should be three Rings placed outside of the field for each Start Line.

2. Place one Wobble Goal on each of the Start Lines, corresponding with the correct Alliance.

Tower Goals

Power Goal Dimensions

Power Shot Dimensions

Playing Field Tape Dimensions

Note: These dimensions are approximate. Refer to the Set-up Guide for exact placement.In general, the tape runs along the tabs of the Tile and the tape square is centered along one side of the Tile.

Target Zone Goal Dimensions

Wobble Goal


Starter Stack Setup

Note: During setup, the Rings are centered on the tape squares.

Wobble Goal Ring Scoring Examples