PCHS Robotics Club • Competition Photos
FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a robotics competition platform for junior high and high school students worldwide. Park City High School Robotics Club is home to eight FTC teams participating in the FTC 2020-2021 Ultimate Goal Game.



5667 Robominers • 12376 Yolk

Two FTC teams from PCHS were among 13 teams competing at American Academy of Innovation Qualifier on Feb 27th. AAI was not livestreamed.



Winning Alliance 1st Pick Inspire Award Winner Think Award finalist Connect Award finalist Innovate Award finalist Design Award finalist ControlAward finalist Advanced to State

#12376 YOLK

Finalist Alliance 1st Pick Judges Award Winner Advanced to State

West High Qualifier 2/27/21

Salt Lake City, Utah

Three FTC teams from PCHS were among 15 teams competing. Six teams advanced to the Utah Championship.

#12351 Nuclear Minds

  • Winning Alliance Captain
  • 1st Control Award
  • 3rd Innovate Award
  • 3rd Motivate Award
  • Advanced to State

#18591 Perspective

  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick
  • 2nd Inspire Award
  • 1st Design Award
  • 2nd Innovate Award
  • 2nd Motivate Award
  • Advanced to State

#5667 Robominers

  • 1st Innovate Award
  • 3rd Design Award
  • 3rd Connect Award

Left to Right: 18591 Perspective, 12351 Nuclear Minds, 5667 Robominers

Complete Judged Awards List from West High Qualifier

FTC Idaho Championship

Nampa, Idaho 02/29/20

On Saturday, February 29th at the Idaho Championship in Nampa, Idaho, four FTC teams from PCHS Robotics Club were among the 32 teams competing. Idaho only advances 1 team to the World Championship, the winner of the Inspire Award. Team #12384 Checkmate won the Inspire Award and will be at the FTC World Championship Houston on April 15-18, 2020!

#12384 Checkmate - Krystal Pilzer & Mark Pilzer

  • Inspire Award Winner—Qualified for Worlds!
  • Winning Alliance Captain
  • Design Award 2nd Place

#12351 Nuclear Minds - Jack Giebe, Brayden Drury, Jake Stocker

  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick
  • Design Award Winner

#5667 Robominers - Zerin Robertson & Tavian Robertson

  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award 3rd Place
  • Control Award 2nd Place

#10695 Theta Robotics - Evan Ayers & John Vazquez

Utah Championship

Ogden, UT 02/22/20

#12384 Checkmate

  • Inspire Award 3rd Place
  • Winning Alliance 1st Pick
  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award Winner

#12376 Yolk

  • Winning Alliance 2nd Pick

#5667 Robominers

  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award 2nd Place
  • Design Award Winner

#10695 Theta Robotics

  • Finalist Alliance Captain

Colorado Championship

Denver, CO 02/08/20

#5667 Robominers

  • Collins Aerospace Innovate Award Winner

#12384 Checkmate
  • Design Award Winner

#12376 Yolk
  • Design Award 3rd Place